Buy Bitcoin with Cash in Seconds

Our COINworKs ATMs are installed in 9 northern California locations (see the Locations dropdown on our site navigation menu) with the lowest fees available. We’ll see you at one of our machines soon. Thank you.


Bitcoin ATMs have become one of the most used technologies for purchasing bitcoin in the US. Here at COINworKs we take pride in having these special ATMs in place for over 3 years in some of our nine northern California locations. They are used daily. Our ATMs are local to the city you live in (or are visiting) and are easily reached by driving to a nearby service station/mini-market. Many of these station/market venues are open 24/7, which makes them very convenient for after-work or before-work acquisition of bitcoin. These machines are easy to use, safe, secure, process transactions fast and the fees are less. For our COINworKs VIP Members these fees are discounted far below standard transaction costs.

How It Works

Scan the QR Code

Insert your cash

Press ‘Send’